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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

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Der Himmel kennt keine Günstlinge (Taschenbuch)
Erich Maria Remarque
Trek Science - mit Warpgeschwindigkeit in die Zukunft? (German Edition)
Inga Nielsen, Stefan Thiesen

Not very realistic, but nicely written regency romance with slow burn.

Ridiculous - D.L.   Carter

The biggest strength of this book: the dialogues.


It was witty and entertaining and I very much liked the characters.


It made for an interesting and enjoyable read even if the villains were more evil than necessary and the romance plot was more than improbable.


But the falling in love was done beautifully - friends to lovers and a lot of banter.