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Tough read.

"Ich musste sie kaputt machen.": Anatomie eines Jahrhundert-Mörders (German Edition) - Stephan Harbort

This is a non-fictional book about a serial killer in Germany in the 50ies to 70ies.


It is an awful read. It is horrifying. Disgusting. It is worse than every thriller or crime novel I ever read.


And it is told without unnecessary sensationalism. No OTT scenes, emotions or speculation.


It is extremely well researched, well written and covers the gruesome true story in a well set tone.


Why I deducted one star?


I didn't enjoy reading it, and it fell a little flat compared with "Cold blooded" by Truman Capote. Probably due to the matter-of-fact voice it lacked a bit in emotional impact.


Warning: Not for sensitive people!!!


child abuse, brutal rape and murder and cannibalism.

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