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I really really liked this

Checking Him Out - Debbie McGowan

It had some mediocre reviews, but was free on Amazon, so I decided to try it out.


And, boy, did I like it!


I don't know how and why, but I felt with the protag over the whole book. His feelings were so clear and loud, and the whole way he changed his life, the way his relationships to basically every important person in his life changed with him - that was beautifully done.


It does have some dramatic turns - and it really made me sad for a moment.


What I liked most was the way the budding relationship with the check out guy evolved. Because, guess what, though hot and smart and nice, he is not perfect. And so they do have some quarrels, some misunderstandings (they solve them like adults, but they do happen - which is realistic in my opinion), some doubts, some sexual hang-ups, some insecurities. I loved this part. It resonated with me.


So, I can definitely recommend this.