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Hungry Like the Wolf - Paige Tyler

A few reasons why I immensely dislike the heroine - in citations.


Here the background: the werewolves are serving as SWAT officers and saving lives. Mac is a nosy world-class investigative journalist who thinks they are dirty/taking performance enhancing drugs. She goes to the crime scene of an ugly hostage situation and decides to visit the building where the criminals are in.


"If she could sneak inside and find a place to hide, she'd be able to observe the SWAT eam in action and see how messy things really got."

1. Not cool to risk your own life like this

2. So not cool to potentially hinder the rescue mission.


"Well, she could play that game, too. But while she wasn't above using her feminine wiles to get a story, (...)"(...) "If she couldn't distract him with her feminine assets, this job might turn out to be tougher than she thought"

1. World-class journalists don't get stories with their boobs and asses.

2. Manipulative behaviour is way uncool.

3. Thanks so much for helping all those professional women out there who try hard to be successful without utilizing sexuality. NOT.


"You agree not to detail any of our tactical procedures or techniques like the one I just told you about. You print those and you'll get my team killed." He lifted a brow. "Do we have an agreement?"

Mac nodded eagerly. "Yes." She'd agree to whatever he wanted it if got her in the compound - even if it meant going back on her word later."

1. You lying bitch.

2. Is nothing holy to you? Those guys risk their lives to save people.

3. I hate you. So much.


I will have to give a low rating, I know that already. And I am a bit sorry right now, as the world-building and the writing are not bad.


But this anti-heroine, who has nothing going for herself but selfishness, stupidity, dishonesty and all-around ass-holery, ruined it already.


Did I mention that I hate her?

With the force of a thousand suns.