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Sebastian's Journal - Eden Elsworth, Jack Silince

The writing was technically not bad (meaning grammar, punctuation, vocabulary etc.).


I didn't like the story itself. 

It was a bit of a very dramatic cinder-fella, where the fella turns out to be a rich under-cover prince as well.


Why I found it mostly disgusting was the way the relationship was construed.

Nathan was a beautiful and vulnerable victim - no strength, no personality, no resistance. He was simply a victim. Having been abused since he was five.


And Sebastian, the rich and confident asshole, who falls for the damsel in distress immediately.


They have sexual relations pretty much right from the start. Which I find hard to swallow.


And here the perfect quote to illustrate how Sebastian sees his "partner":

"He was a stray, a traumatised puppy, in need of a caring hand".