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Many, many sexy times.

Learning to Feel - N.R. Walker

A feel good read about a doctor from Boston who knows that something in his life is missing. He goes to a small town, meets the gay artist/handyman and starts to feel.

This sounds not especially original or gripping, but I found the beginning the best part of the book. The sexual tension, the slow awakening. Until they start making out-


A lot of sexy times ensue.


It was a nice read. I liked it, I enjoyed it.


But it wasn't really really good. It was a lot sappy and the constant "he was so fucking hot" and so on got on my nerves soon.  A lot of swearing. Unnecessary. If you want to emphasize something with putting a "fucking" in the sentence, you shouldn't use it so often. It doesn't work as a beacon then, only clutters the writing.


The writing seemed a bit sloppy at times, here an example:

He expessed himself through his art.

"You express emotons through your art, don't you?" I asked




I normally like this authors books a bit more, but since this was a freebie, I add half a star. And I did like to read it.