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Northbound - Cara Dee

I liked the setting - Alaska, the wilderness, the coldness, the northern lights and sexy lumber jacks. Or something like that.




This was a bit of all that. But it mainly felt staged and unreal and I didn't feel invested in the two MCs. It was ok, but it didn't tell anything new or interesting. Even the "kinky twist" thing was mainly some hints and no real revelation afterwards. The drama in the end felt contrived and artificial.


And the love story as a whole distasteful.

I mean Declan was in a relationship with Quinn's aunt, having sex with her and so on, while already lusting for her young (barely legal) nephew. That is so not cool. And jerking off to a picture of a young relative of your spouse is so not ok, it's not even funny. 

(show spoiler)


So I couldn't really root for the two guys to get together and stay together.


And Quinn, the young Floriday guy, came across as quite stupid when he went to Alaska:

"Still, this was a whole new world from what he was used to. In the past two days, he'd found out that Alaska was colder than anything he could've imagined, groceries were expensive, Eskimos were real, many towns in the state weren't even connected by road, and did he mention the cold?"


How can anyone with two brain cells to rub together be drawn to someone that ignorant??

This guy sounds so stupid it borders on offensive.