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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

I did enjoy it at least partially, BUT...

Home and Away - Samantha Wayland

Things I didn't like about it:


1. That Callum called Rupert "duchess" as a derogatory term. I found it very insulting, not only to Rupert, but also to all women and duchesses. Just not cool. And since he started with it when he wasn't on good terms with Rupert, it didn't come across like an endearment at all.


2. Rupert was a damsel in distress in many scenes. Example: his very skinny four-year-old nephew climbs him to be held and carried. He staggers and Callum has to steady him. I am 5'3'' and weigh 110 pounds. I don't stagger when my very sturdy and big-for-his-age four-year-old nephew wants to be carried around. I cannot imagine how an athletically built man who is 6'2'' could. So this makes Rupert look like a total wimp. Also the crying and his flustered behaviour.


3. The way even straight guys were instantly attracted to Rupert, when he was scating - sorry, just not believable in any way. A straight guy saying about figure-scating guy "he is the most beautiful thing I ever saw"? Nope. This whole bubble butt thing? Totally not my cup of tea.


4. The fairy-tale quality to the story. When Rupert and Callum meet at first, they don't get along well. So when Rupert needs to pick up his four-year-old brother in London, Callum just spontaneously decides to accompany him to support him. That's so far away from anything even imaginable in real life. And that's just one example.


5. The incredible sappiness. Rotting teeth everywhere. So so OTT.


6. The "family is the priority" feel it gave. This story was not so much about a budding romance/love. It was mainly about the family, meaning the kids. This also relates to the fairy-tale point, where magically another child will be added nearly magically and with no bureaucratic hassle at all.