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Great new series for me!

Blade Song - J.C. Daniels

I really really liked Kit Colbana!

She is a fighter, although she is very realistic about where she stands in the food chain.

She has confidence, but is also smart enough to be afraid. She has a very traumatic backstory, that really got to me.

I appreaciated how the world was built, her origin seemed quite original to me, compared with all the other shifter and vampire and witches out there- really liked her unique "powers".


Her love interest was mostly just supposed to be "yummy alpha" - I was with her in the first half, when she thought he was a hot asshole. But he developed somewhat throughout the read. And some of his assholeness was explained, Still, I think he was one of the weaker characters compared with the others (Kit, TJ and Es, and even Anette, the evil bitch).


The reason why I deducted one star: The very und unneessarily rushed love story. I wished the author would have paced this better. It was from zero to 100 way too fast.

It nearly ruined the story for me. To me it felt like it came out of nowhere. It felt artificial and rushed and took away the normal development - before this "magic mating", Kit was attracted to but also suspicious of Damon. And rightly so.

This fast and mostly unexplainable jump from uneasy cooperation to undying love was just bad.

And he should have stayed with "Kitten" instead of "baby-girl" - that is just creepy.

So the romance part was the weakest of the whole book.


The "crime plot" was not exactly totally new (has been done before), but it was well executed, so I am ok with that.


Still, it is one of the better urban fantasy offerings, so I will continue with this series.