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Run of the mill sexy romance between traumatized angel and MMA fighter.

Defying the Odds - Kele Moon

This could have been good, but was unfortunately subpar.


And my main problem was actually the writing. The story was as stereotypical as they come when the big strong giant MMA fighter meets the young woman who was abused by her ex-husband and is on the run. It had really all the cliches.

But I was ok with that. Did even expect it.

Only thing I knew I would dislike: how the rape and abuse was basically a cheap plot device. I never liked that and would have deducted a star for that anyway.


What I didn't expect was the clumsy writing and some of the characterizations.

Two examples:


1. When they have sex and Melody is watching their genitals:"Bodies joining shouldn't be such an erotic sight, but it was and she was forced to close her eyes against it."

You see my problem here? If sex parts joining is not supposed to be erotic I have been wired waaaay wrong all my life. And someone should tell all those porn-producers as well.

And another little thought: Why do you have to close your eyes against something erotic while having sex? I mean, the whole purpose of it is getting aroused - at least that's what I thought.


2. The view on women/sex/groupies/innocence. So Melody is this "fallen angel" who is only passionate and bone-meltingly sexy with her guy. Otherwise she of course is of a charming innocence. And all other women the male protag ever had sex with were worthless sluts. And the sex was meaningless and dirty. This goes as far as having the strong female friend, Jules, saying this in regards to him meeting women who are not groupies: "I meant women with souls," Meaning groupies and women who have casual sex are soulless creatures. 

I find this not only disturbingly sexists - as obviously it is ok for the guys to get off with those mean creatures, but it makes the women somehow unsavory - but also a very sad thing to say for a supposedly strong and emancipated women. 


So, nope, not going to follow this series, or reading much more of this author.