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Some spoiler and self-righteousness...

Where There's Smoke - L.A. Witt

2,5 stars for good writing and liking the author generally very much. And for Ranya - a really cool and funny side kick.

I didn't like the story line in this one - problem was not the political campaigning part, but the lying and cheating and hurting part. I am not of the opinion that hormons and "love" should allow people to treat others like s***. Now I sound selfrighteous - not sure I am explaining it well. I just felt that the MCs always bent the reality to their liking, so that it would be ok to "be together" (i.e. have wild monkey sex).

In my opinion it was not very believable how the MC (running for Governor and secretly gay) who was married for 5 years to a mentally instable woman who suffered from a serious eating disorder, a guy who maintained that he knew her better than anyone else, didn't have the slightest clue what breaking up with her because of his homosexuality and then using her excessively as a beard while campaigning for a political office under the scritinity of the public eye would do to her. Wow. That was not very believable and made him look incredibly selfish and shallow. But not enough: his evil politician uncle obviously knew his wife better than he, because the uncle banked on her break down for sympathy voters from the beginning.

All in all that whole story line bothered me a lot, hence the rating.

I was really willing to like this book, for I like the author a lot and the writing itself was fluent and good, but couldn't beat my selfrighteous streak :-)