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This was a bit strange.

The Left Hand of Calvus - L.A. Witt

The story felt kind of convoluted to me, and the big surprising revelation? Very obvious from the hints (from the ever-present breast plate to the piercing blue eyes as a family trait...).


I also felt a bit strange about the whole who is into whom and is that really what you want?

I didn't really understand the attraction - and that had nothing to do with the "revelation".


Also it felt a bit as if gladiators were more working as whores than anything else. And according to that book all Roman women had endless sex with slaves. That seems a bit strange - given that the Romans knew how sex and procreation are related - that men would be cool with their women having sexual relations with slaves? Not very likely. It has been a man's world back then, and most husbands wouldn't overlook that kind of transgression from his wife who didn't have many rights anyway...At least it wouldn't happen that openly...

That's my problem with historicals - I learnt a lot of history in school, and especially of Rome, as Latin was one of my master classes. So I feel confused reading this. I am just not sure if the author did a lot of research or just created the world to fit the story.


So, a bit disappointed as the characters didn't really appeal much to me.