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Scandal - Carolyn Jewel

The writing was good, but not brilliant.


It was a more or less standard historical romance.

It tried for more structure with including flashbacks into the past when the couple met first (both having been married at that time) and then back in the present both having lost their partner.


There were some really good parts, some very memorable scenes, e.g. when Sophie sees this beautiful beautiful man in the crowd at a ball and feels instantly incredibly drawn to him, purely based on physicality. And then he moves and she realizes that it was Banallt.


What I didn't like: It felt like telling, not showing to me.

I didn't see or feel why Banallt fell so hard for Sophie. There was a lot of talk how she was no beaty, but still somehow everyone finds her incredibly attractive. There was repeated talk about her intellectuality, her creativity, her personality. Only I never saw it. I only heard about it. Oh, and the unusual blue-green eyes of incomparable beauty.


So, it was a good read, enjoyable. But it was not a masterpiece or brilliant. Nothing I would ever read again.