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Off topic: Comparison between women in romance novels (aka "she was so much more (...) than all other women he ever met.")

To be crystal clear: I find it harmful and stupid and cringeworthy and pathetic and I FUCKING HATE IT.


And what irks me most? That I just started to notice it. And now that I saw it, I cannot unsee it again.


And I notice that all my favourite authors don't do this to us. They have strong females, who are individual enough as a fictional character that they don't need to be constantly compared to all other females. They stand out because they are great. In their own right. 


Just read a disappointing UF book. And it threw me. Just one small sentence about how much better/greater/holier/sexier the heroine was than all other women.

The problem with that kind of statement? It's not only an insult to all other women, it is also obviously an empty one as it doesn't really transport any real meaning or information about the person.


And what I find hurtful: it teaches us that we are only ok, if we are better than other women. Prettier, smarter, skinnier, curvier, funnier etc.


And I catch myself also doing it. And I hate it. 

I try to not do it again. It hurts me. And others. And no one feels better or gains anything. Even if I only think it.