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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

I am so deeply disappointed. I cannot say how much I dislike both MCs. DNF at 35%.

Where We Left Off - Roan Parrish

Will, the unearthly beautiful, aloof guy who hates people who just want him because he is beautiful.

Leo, the puppy who wants Will, because Will is beautiful.


Will whines about how bad it is to be beautiful.

Really? I mean, really? WTF. Yeah, it really is bad, when someone has to suffer through people being drawn to you, being nice to you etc.


Leo is the total pushover, who crushes on Will for two years. 

He does basically everything to be near Will. He is pushy, he is obtrusive and plainly embarrassing.


But that is supposed to be totally ok, because Will kissed him. Once. Two years ago.

And they have this "special connection". Also known as "He is hot".


Then Leo waxes about how Will is the "only person who ever made arguing with him feel safe". Ok, so we are ignoring Daniel, the best friend, Rex, another good friend, plus the new friends Milton, Charles, Thomas and Gretchen? Because they all get violent if Leo doesn't share their world-view...

This is beyond ridiulous.


We are treated to a teenager's clumsy reasoning why he crushes on the hot guy and the desparate try to make it sound as if they really knew each other.

Leo even describes what kind of asshole Will is most of the time (rude, aggressive and abrupt, making Daniel feel like a loser), but that's all ok, because he is honest, uncompromising, he wasn't awkward, nervous or uncertain and the most dynamic person Leo has ever met, whatever that's supposed to mean. So basically Leo tells us how great Will sounds.

ONLY: If you imagine Will being a 30-yearo-old over-weight guy with bad skin and thinning hair and weasly eyes - what remains? An aggressive asshole with attitude.


Leo even comments about how beautiful Will is. Then follows a sob-story how Will dated an asshole in college, got dumped and obviously this was so traumatic it explains his shitty attitude at least partly. Frankly, it doesn't explain jackshit to me.


I can't take the stupid puppy-love and the unintersting main characters anymore, and I am so so disappointed. 

I loved the first two installment.

They were great.


This is unenjoyable for me.