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Dungeons and Dragons in the mines of Moria...

Promise of Wrath (The Hellequin Chronicles) - Steve McHugh

Including Uruk'hai and trolls. And dwarves. And so on.


I really really liked this series. But it got old, felt very unoriginal, very repetitive and I had to skim a lot.


I do not appreciate the time jumps, the miniscule pieces of information we get fed.

It feels like someone made a plan to write at least another three books and needs to stretch the story.


Also, huge plot hole, with Mordred and why he still was "programmed" to kill Nate. With all others he could shrug the programming. But for Nate he couldn't. A guy who's been his best friend growing up. Who hasn't done anything to deserve the attack.

There simply was no good explanation.


The good news: I am now proud owner of a kindle unlimited account, so that this didn't really cost me anything.