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This could have been good.

Marcus: Volume 1 (Hell Squad) by Anna Hackett (2015-07-29) - Anna Hackett

I liked the world building, the idea of the setting. The Alien invasion, the underground battle station, the last stand the humans are making, the reptile/dinosaur Aliens etc.


Then the romance happened. And it was cliche-ridden, stupid, too fast and boring. It had bad non-sexy sex scenes, OTT Alpha-macho bullshit (including ripping apart of t-shirts to undress his sexy temptress quicker...urghhh), unnecessary guilt trips and so on.

There was no falling in love, the hero and heroine already had a thing for each other at the beginning of the book, and it was only a bit of a push at each other (done through dramatic, life-threatening situation and said alpha male behaviour "me protect what's mine") and the love story was done.


The heroine was unrealistic and more a sketch than a fully drawn character. Supposedly she had been fine with living a meaning-less luxuious party-girl life prior to the Alien attack. Which obviously functioned like a lobotomy and gave her a new personality/character. Aha.


That was really a bummer.


If this was just an action scifi novel, it would have been better. This wooden, boring and 90ies bodice ripper kind of romance killed it.