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Into the Fire (Night Prince) - Jeaniene Frost

I was so much looking forward to this. I liked Vlad always better than Bones, I found the whole love story with him and Leyla really great.


I re-read the previous three books, internally rubbing my hands waiting for the 4th, high-fiving myself when it sold for only 4 Euros.


And then.


A lot of action. A lot of "I would kill the whole world for you" (even my father, my oldest friend, your whole family, you get it). It went OTT pretty much immediately.

The Mircea-angle was wasted in my eyes. Vlad and Leyla became the unbearable über-couple and I was disgusted by their obsession with each other. 

Leyla was a bit less intense, she at least kept some kind of resemblance to a real person.


I am so disappointed.


Ian was wasted in this novel, I can only hope he gets his own soon. And I also hope this was the last one about Leyla and Vlad. Or the story improves with the next one. Because I really disliked this one.


The two stars are solely for "I used to love this story".