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Wow, talk about depressing...

Das Schlimmste kommt noch oder Fast eine Jugend - Charles Bukowski

This was not an enjoyable read.

Sometimes "good" books aren't, but at least they make you think or inspire you or something along those lines.

That wasn't the case here either.


It was the really depressing story of a young boy growing up in a unloving, violent and dysfunctional family. 

To become? Well, we don't know. The story ends before there is any conclusion, any step away from all the depressing factors of his life.


As it is auto-biographic - at least in part - we know that he will make quite a success out of himself with his stories.


This book doesn't even hint at that.


It only describes a very sad growing-up - with a lot of bullying, violence, pain, humiliation and so on. And a lot of sexual awakening, dirty thoughts and so on. But they don't bring anything positive to the story either, so there you have it.


Overall, very depressing.