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Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack, #2)

Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright This was a bit diasappointing.Nothing original about it, full of "shifter-cliches" and widely uninteresting.The heroine had some snark, but that was it. In the beginning she was supposed to be "plump" (a nice surprise in a shifter-novel) and a plain jane, even over-heard her crush telling someone, that he isn't into her, because he only digs slim girls (which makes him a douche bag in my book, but ok).BUT: Later on this developed into her being gorgeous and "slender" with big boobs. And only she thought she was plain jane, all the guys were into her all the time and she just didn't notice.I don't dig this kind of change later in the game. I appreciate authors who create main characters in romance novels who have flaws and quirks and so on. But do it right. This kind of "oh, she only thought she was unattractive but really was beautiful all along" is kind of cheating. And this whole "not knowing how attractive someone is" - puhleeze! Over-used and not suitable to make someone more endearing. Makes me want to hit them over the head with a fry pan is more like it. Surprisingly most attractive people IRL know that they are attractive unless they are not totally dumb. Comes with the reactions, behaviour and compliments they get treated to, you know? And the existence of mirrors.So this was not especially funny, the constant twitching and throbbing c*ck of the supposedly hot male MC was so prevalent, he should have been named a main character himself. (Maybe Twitchy or Throby...).And last but not least, this read a lot like the first installment. And the annoying uber-bitchy grandmother was in it also - please retire this pain in the a**.