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Bullheaded - Catt Ford Wow, this was good!Two very interesting, sexy, complex main characters - a cast of partly quirky, partly engaging and also very interesting secondary characters (Cody's parents, R.J. and Travis, Dub and even Zane, Bobby Blue and March...to name a few...).The romance part here was an exceptional one for your usual romance novel: we have an established couple who have some issues with each other. Cody is a cocky guy who takes Jonny for granted. He dominates Jonny - he comes out on top most of the time. Jonny has problems to speak up in the beginning. He needs to get some distance and breaks up with Cody. After some bumps and fights and encounters they find a way to salvage their relationship. What I loved about this: It felt very realistic. The relationship part, the problems the two guys had and how they handled it - it felt true and made for a very enjoyable and entertaining read.And the boys were hot! VERY HOT.