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Priceless (Irresistible Attraction)

Priceless - Cat Grant Not good.It was too short and too shallow to show any kind of real development.It feels like insta-love based on the rentboy's beauty. The rentboy who btw is a brilliant student, who loses his scholarship in his last year - ahem - and "has" to prostitute himself to afford finishing his degree and not end "working in a convenience store" (aka a fate worse than death)- this obviously happens to people who don't have a degree from Berkely but some small unknown college... - student loans and other means seem to be non-existent in this universe. The brilliant student seems quite thick to me as he hangs on to a "regular" who hurts him and is not trustworthy. He evolves quite fast into a damsel in distress, but is quite happy to plunge into a relationship with the 15 years older physics professor who "rescues" him and have great sex a few weeks after a rape. This is so far from plausible. And both MCs are not likable because they are stereotypes without any depth.