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Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding

Fear, Hope, and Bread Pudding - Marie Sexton Might contain spoilers!I didn't like this. One star is for "It was partly my fault for even choosing this book."It was not badly written overall, but for me it read like a boring, trying to be dramatic m/f book without much romance, to be honest. Cole mutated into a desperate wife who is fixated on procreation. Not sexy, not romantic. Actually sad and not very flattering for his relationship with Jon. Somehow Cole felt very much like a woman, through the first half of the book at least.I could have lived with this child-fixation, but I didn't find their approach comprehensible. Cole has enough money to go the surrogate-way. He doesn't want that, because "there are enough children in the world who need a loving home". Okay. But obviously those children are only acceptable for adoption for him if they are infants. I know that there are a lot of people who only want to adopt babies. But I cannot understand it. If it really is about how much love you have to give and so on, why not take a child that is a little older? It is heart-breaking how bad the chances of adoption are for older children. So I didn't like this approach. Not at all. I also think that if you have the child-wish as the center of the book, it might have been more interesting to have the child as an actual person in the story and not just an instrument to make the desperate want-to-be-parents happy.I also didn't like that the relationship between Cole and Jon was practically non-existent in this novel.As I said, one star is because this clearly was not my cup of tea, and others without my hang-ups might enjoy it.And I want to add, that I do love children though I don't have some of my own - it's just that I don't think that they should be the only thing to make someone happy . I find it unhealthy if people don't love their life for what it is - the same with dream partner, career, car, house, jewellery or whatever people feel they cannot be happy without. I am a firm believer in self-reliance. And also in my experience it is 1. not working (and unfair) to make someone else responsible for your happiness and 2. if you manage on your own, the rest falls into place very often nearly magically...but I digress...