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I wanted to like it more...

The Bones of Summer (Maloney's Law, #2) - Anne Brooke

It was well written.


But it was nowhere near the first installment. Which I loved.

Maybe the reason was, that it was told from Craig's PoV. I just didn't warm to him much.

I found him annoying sometimes and stupid and difficult.

And yes, his tragic past explained a lot. But it didn't make me like him more.


I also disliked the "gay rules" in this book. They didn't make much sense and didn't further the plot or the character development in my opinion. 


The crime/thriller part was well thought out and worked quite well. Although it was a bit over-dramatic. But it was gripping.


The book seemed too long to me overall. I skimmed some parts, especially in the last third, as I just wanted it to be concluded - the culprit was clear from the beginning, so the way to Craig and Paul getting there seemd a tad tedious.