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Good sequel - but also a bit too much a sequel

Spook Squad - Jordan Castillo Price

I like this series. I liked it a lot when I first started reading about Jacob and Vic. They are great main characters to carry a lot of installments.


And this was a solid installment in the series. It doesn't solve all conflicts, but leaves another storyline open to be explored in the next installment.

It had a solid cast of side characters, some I liked a lot, like Jake Bly and Con Dreyfuss, some I got tired of a bit like Lisa and Crash.


So it was an enjoyable read, but it didn't keep me awake at night to finish it.


And I am a little tired of the si-no. And of the friendship between Vic and Lisa to be honest. Not sure why exactly she is so important to him.


Since Vic and Jacob are an established couple there was not much romance as well.


So it was good, but I am a bit in doubt if I will pick up the next one in the series.