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A whole lot of logic holes...

Conspiracy (The Emperor's Edge Book 4) - Lindsay Buroker

I very much liked this series and the characters.

But it gets more ludicrous with every installment.


In the previous books, there was a similar trend: the first half was slow and a bit of a tough read, but it picked up from there to a furious finale.


But I am kind of fed up with the same quirks all over. Amaranthe makes stupid and not comprehensible decisions all the time. She risks her men's life, her own and recklessly so.


She has been told over and over again not to jump into things. 


What irked me most:



How she tried to set up Sespian with Yara solely due to egoistic reason (so that she can have Sicarius without him having a bad conscience) and therefore risked Sespian's safety and their whole mission to save him.

And then omitting to Sicarius that Sespian is in dire danger from a magic device under his skins. Really? This is your grand plan to win Sicarius' heart?

And then when Akstyr tries to sell out Sicarius (which would get him KILLLED), her reaction is to save the little misguided larrikin. Are you kidding me? He wanted to sell you out! 

And guess what? In the end this whole crazy and stupid things don't matter. All works out - like magic. And Akstyr finds the good in himself in the end. Yeah, sure.

Another illogical point: If Sespian's bodyguards are loyal to him and not involved in the whole conspiracy, why for heaven's sake does he need the ragtag force to help???


And the non-romance is getting on my nerves too. She doesn't really like who he is morally (cold-hearted assassin, hello?), but still admires and desires him. Huh?


And because said Assassin is worried about the feelings his illegitimate son has for her, he stays away from her. So what does Amaranthe do when Sespian voices his intent toward him? Nothing. No "Sire, please understand, that there will never be anything between us", "I am sorry, but my feelings are otherwise engaged" or whatever. No she lets him hold her hand - until Sicarius walks in.


He is supposed to have feelings for her too. Why he would, gets murkier with each installment.

(show spoiler)


And a cliff hanger in the end as well.


Stil, I am not sure if I will read on. I need a break from this series for sure.