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DNF at 27%:

Measure of Devotion - Caethes Faron

I found this incredibly stupid. 

The whole setting of master and slave in a reality where Kale doesn't have any rights and Jason can do to him what he wants, because he owns him, is difficult to say the least.


So a lot in such a story depends on the personality of the master. And Jason is a stupid, naive, cruel, self-centered and incredibly shallow, social climber asshat. He is childish and arrogant, he punishes and abuses Kale on a whim.


And Kale takes the pain and the humiliation and still harbors some positive feelings toward his ridiculous master, who is not masterful at all.


The last straw for me: When Jason's rich and prestigious boyfriend breaks up with him, ostensibly because Jason was cruel to Kale, what does he do? He asks Kale who came for him to hit him. When Kale doesn't comply, he starts beating Kale up. And Kale totally understands that Jason just needs to get it out of his system.


What utter bullshit.