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Mary Sue, Mary Sue - what shall we do with you?

My Familiar Stranger  - Victoria Danann


DNF at 55%.


Elora, Elora. Oh, she is just sooo great.


Stronger, better trained in Martial Arts, beautiful beyond compare, innocent, funny, talented, musical, young, slim and all that is good and wonderful all over.


I might have been able to forgive all this, but I draw the line at saving/rescuing animals - a wild dog in this cases. Absolute no-go with me.


Because of her being greater than great Elora was basically totally boring. No realness to her at all.


And all gorgeous guys want her. Ram, the beautiful elf, who feels that she is his mate. And Storm, the caring and wonderful guy, who protected her even when she was a swollen, bloody pulp on the floor. Baka, the beautiful and elegant vampire. (Bad Anita-Blake-Memorial-Moment). Problem here: her being stronger than all those strong Alpha-guys. Just doesn't fit.


So I very much dislike Mary Sues. And this was such a overdrawn case, that I cannot overlook it (even if there would have been any kind of compelling story or brilliant writing...).


PS: Did I mention that she is a princess too?