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You know when...

Building From Ashes  - Elizabeth   Hunter


you have a favourite side character in a series who then gets his own book?

And you are full of expectations. Because you loved that character. And are sooo happy to have him as main character in his own story?


And then you are disappointed. Because it is mostly boring, because the timeline crosses with the books in the series, which you have read and therefore know how it all ends from the beginning.


And you don't like the female lead. Who is too damaged, and still said to be sooooo strong. So strong that she takes drugs as a human and overdoses. And remains pale and uninteresting through the whole book. You are told over and over how fascinating and powerful and magnetic she is. But what you see is, well, boring and pale.


So I am a bit sad for Carwyn, who got a very boring happy end after 1000 years of celibacy.