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If I was to evaluate Rylee's performance and her development

Veiled Threat: Book 7 (A Rylee Adamson Novel) - Shannon Mayer

F in all kinds of development areas. No learning from experience, no growth, nothing.


She doesn't change her behaviour one bit, always hitting first, asking questions later, running headfirst into situations, not listening etc. - which is quite funny, as everyone comments as to how she changed, how before she would have reacted much stronger, blown a gasket etc.


Well, I  haven't seen much of that change, but thanks for bringing it so subtly to my attention.


My problem with this book?

It read exactly the same as all the others in this series. And I am a bit tired of constant deja vues.


So I'll do something totally crazy: I will stop reading this series before Rylee miraculously saves the world through incompetence, inability to listen and pure, dumb luck (or how it is also known: fate...).