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What a glorious ride!

Summoner of Storms (SPECTR Book 6) - Jordan L. Hawk

I liked this series a lot and this installment did not disappoint in the least!


I loved how the plot developed - it was gripping and logical and it really had suspense and action and all things good!


Out of the characters I guess Gray is the most fascinating ones - his otherness was beautifully done. Unfortunately - the only small minus - it made Caleb quite pale and uninteresting in comparison. So there was quite the imbalance. At least it felt to me. John is supposed to love both of them, but to me it also seemed like more of a fair thing to say - like Gray just became that much more fascinating and vital, but the author couldn't get rid of Caleb as a character given the "parasite" situation...


I very much enjoyed the read and I am looking forward to more books by this author - not sure if this series will continue though...