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I'd do nothing but reading if I could (ok, maybe eat some great food, buy some fancy shoes between two books...oh, and spend some quality time with the gorgeous guy I married while I am on reading-break anyway...)

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The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood
Trek Science - mit Warpgeschwindigkeit in die Zukunft? (German Edition)
Inga Nielsen, Stefan Thiesen

Funny to hillarious.

Louisiana Longshot - Jana Deleon

This has southern belles with spines of titanium.


And it does have a certain feminism to it, as it doesn't portrait the heroine in any way weak or inferior or stupid or inexperienced.

And not only her, but also the ladies who run the little town of Sinful.


I loved the humor, the banter and the whole atmosphere of this book.


There is no real romance in there - more a possibility.