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You know what's worse than "telling, not showing"?

The Ghost and The Graveyard - Genevieve Jack

Showing something totally different than what you tell your readers.


This has been a quite tedious read. The constant lusting and being drawn to every guy (even the ghost) who crosses the heroine's path is getting boring. (Of course all guys want her, too. Firstly because she looks like Barbie and secondly because she is so wonderful.)


And the not-believing one part of the supernatural world-building, while speaking to ghosts in your own house? Quite stupid and inconsequent, but ok.


What really made me stop reading is how we are over and over told in re-telling of past situations how very responsible Grateful is. How she always cares for others, does what is right and best for others and so on. So Grateful is a selfless wonderful being - that's what we are told.

But then she refuses to accept her powers for weeks, because it is so cozy to have this handsome ghost do your housework and operate as your vibrator at night. Yes, he might lose his only chance to have his immortal soul move on, but come on, how bad could that be? Being grounded for eternity in one house, with no memories of your life and basically nothing to do but serve. Sounds great, right? Who would like to move on to heaven if you can have virtual sex with a Barbie-Look-A-Like?

So she waits and waits. Until she gets forced to accept those powers and her past re-incarnations to save her best friend. 

Because it was ok, to risk every other human being in a 200 miles radius and leave the caretaker weak - but as soon as the bestie is about to be killed off? That's when she grows a pair.


I am officially disgusted with Grateful. I find her whiny and unworthy. I just don't want to read about her anymore.


DNF after 58%.