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Charles Bukowski
Die linke Hand Gottes
Paul Hoffman, Reinhard Tiffert

This just wasn't that funny.

The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard: A Funny, Feel-Good Romantic Comedy - Robert Bryndza

There was nothing fundamentally wrong with the book, it just wasn't that funny.

The structure with the e-mails was ok, but the comedy factor was just too low.

It had some good moments, but Coco never really grew on me and some of the jokes really felt flat, some slapsticky, and sometimes Coco was just embarrassing.

Also a lot of cliches...

It was an ok read. Had fun moments.

Get Lucky - Lila Monroe

I just didn't dig the whole "marriage in vegas" theme.

That has been done too often - even if it had a turn like in this novel here.


It was very much OTT and the "we were so drunk, we don't remember what we did" story line also is more problematic than romantic to me.


I liked the female protag a lot - she would have deserved a better story line imho.

Fun read.

Bet Me - Lila Monroe

I liked this one, though the story line was not original - all those stupid bets in romance novels - the author at least didn't overdo the whole "misunderstanding"/"bet led to true love" nonsense.


It was a solid romance novel with fun banter and good characters.

Little short.

Little Boy Dead: A Boystown Prequel - Marshall Thornton

And it felt somehow disjointed - maybe to be read before the Boystown novels...


It had the same trademark aloofness in the protag, but the "crime plot" was rather simple.


The whole rape story line with the director and the girl reminded me of Roman Polanski controversy, not sure if that was the inspiration...

(show spoiler)

OTT with a wink...

The Back Passage - James Lear

This "sleuth in the early 20th century with a lot of gay sex" story line was highly entertaining.


I chuckled a lot about Mitchell's antics and his irrepressible sense of - ahem - justice...


An enjoyable if a bit pornesque read.

I really like the protag's voice.

Not You It's Me - Julie   Johnson

But the billionaire shit?



And the family feud that is going on?



Very unfortunate.

Unsure about that one...

Lingus - Mariana Zapata

I started it, because I liked her other books and it was free on kindle unlimited.


But there was too much "bitches", "whores" etc. to this whole women friends in the porn industry. It was a bit off-putting.


Also it felt a bit hypocrite that the heroine was so embarrassed by the porn fair but on the other hand was supposed to come across as super cool and sexy and open-minded because she is friends with a porn star and her other friends wants to boink with one...


It left me scratching my head. Not sure I will pick it up again.

This one felt a bit impersonal.

Troublemaker - Joseph Hansen

What was great: the crime plot. 

The characters and the story line, the way this all unfolded.

I was missing the personal development with Dave - he felt a bit detached.

Still, a very good crime novel.

I enjoyed the banter so much.

Welcome to Temptation - Jennifer Crusie

I re-discovered Jennifer Crusie for me - and this one was a very good one of hers!


The banter, the atmosphere, the characters - main and side - it all made for a hilarious and enjoyable read.


I really did Phineas - he was yummy. And Sophie was so relatable. I was rooting for them. 

Entertaining and enjoyable.

True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson (2009-05-14) - Rachel Gibson;

I was actually surprised how much I liked this story.

My expectations were low - because of the setting with the playmate and the hockey player.

But it turned out to be a really good read.


I liked Faith. She didn't pity herself, didn't throw her sob story around, she stood by her decisions to work with what nature gave her (her body, her beauty) to make a decent living.


The romance processed a bit quick, but since it was clear it would be a fairy tale like story (not with "real" people who meet, talk, get to know each other in normal situations) it fit with the whole plot.

Slow burn and a lot of banter.

Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie

I very much liked Min. She was a cool heroine.


Calvin was ok  too. I liked how the story developed. There was humor and banter and some nice side characters too.


An enjoyable read.

Very reasonable heroine falls for the most handsome man in London.

Pursuing Lord Pascal - Anna Campbell

I liked this story. I liked that he wanted to be more but also less than his pretty face and magnificent body.


I liked the heroine, she was smart and pragmatic.


An entertaining and enjoying read.

Hero was TGTBT, heroine meh.

Under Locke - Mariana Zapata

This was disappointing. Dex was the über-beautiful macho guy, who was supposedly an asshole. Mostly he was introverted and grumpy to people.

And the most important thing about him was how incredibly beautiful he was. How hot. How totally physically perfect.


That got old fast.


The heroine had a hard life until that point, like nearly every one in this author's books that I have already read. I like Diana in "Wait for it" so much better, than the abused, bullied, neglected, abandoned or formerly sick (cancer) that populate the rest. It's as if the hot alpha male is supposed to be the reward karma-wise for having had a shitty life.


It didn't really work for me.


This book was mostly boring and I skimmed a lot, especially in the end.

This oscillated between great and meh.

Getting Rid Of Bradley - Jennifer Crusie

Case in point, this quote:


"There were never any women who looked to cook for men every day. There were only women who cooked for survival and pretended to like it. And now there are men who cook for survival. Like you. Think of this as survivalist training. Very macho."


It had its moments.


It was a fun read.

This was wonderful.

Wait for It - Mariana Zapata

A really wonderful romance story. It had everything. A fantastic female lead, her so so lovable two boys and the nice and decent man who lives across the street.

This was such a fun book, but also had some depth.

I loved the female protag, Diana. She was just so strong and funny and loving.

And Dallas, the silent, strong type.

They just made for a great couple.


But the best thing about the book?


The two boys.


And that from someone who usually hates kids in books...

Very good romance novel.

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me - Mariana Zapata

I so liked Vanessa.

She was tough, smart and capable. She got shit done. And she was very reasonable.


I could relate so much.


And the Wall of Winnipeg? So so good as the male protag. I liked very much that he wasn't smooth, overly charming or even especially witty.


I loved the slow burn and the pace, the dialogue and the hotness.


What I especially appreciated: this romance was centered clearly around the female protagonist.